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Bachelor Pad , bachelor pad recap , bachelor pad season 3 , bachelor pad season finale , season 3 Bachelor Pad 3: A Recap I vowed to myself that I would never dedicate time and space on this blog for The Bachelor Pad because it was just too trashy even for me. But who am I kidding? I was watching every week. Fans vs Favorites was the theme of this season. Bachelor Fans competed against and with Bachelor contestants of seasons past. Believe it or not there are some crazier fans than me out there. I kid you not. One of them was so amazed by the show he cried in the limo on the way out, thankful for his experience and in awe that he was riding in the limo he sees every Monday night like the dedicated fan he is.

Bachelor Pad Finale: Rachel Gets Screwed and Blakeley’s a Step-Mommy?

September 11, Author: Erica is still bitter. Jaclyn and her bright pink dress are up next, and she gets the sadz watching herself cry. Unclear whether this is because she is reliving the emotion or because she realizes what an ugly crier she is. Jaclyn is super bitter and wants us all to know that she was the real puppet master, not Michael. She is positive that she controlled the game.

The Bachelorette 8 is the eighth season of ABC reality television series The show premiered on May 14, , featuring Emily Maynard dating 25 men. Maynard was chosen by Brad Womack in the fifteenth season of The Bachelor, but they split after the show.. Maynard is the second former Bachelor winner to star in The Bachelorette and she is one of the three Bachelor winners .

If you didn’t like him on “The Bachelorette” I think your opinion of him may change after the combination of watching “Bachelor Pad” and this interview! He was very candid, open and honest. So I’m wondering if you wanted to change your strategy coming in or do you think Lindzi brought out the best in you? Well, to be completely honest I don’t know if it was necessarily either.

I can’t say that I had a specific strategy going to either show. We filmed them very, very close so I was still the same person. It was just a very different environment. I was much more comfortable, much happier, much more outgoing on The Bachelor Pad just because simply of the dynamics. And then obviously, I had a much, much better connection with Lindzi than I ever did with family so naturally I am going to be a happier person.

I’m going to be myself. Bachelorette was my first experience in TV so it was a little bit overwhelming and I just think by the time we filmed Bachelor Pad I was little more comfortable. I was aware of what was going on and obviously just in the state where I could absolutely enjoy myself and specifically my time with Lindzi much, much more. So I guess I just came across, I guess that obviously came across on camera.

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Chris also announces a new shocking twist: Previously competing as individuals, the contestants must team up to compete as a duo and be voted off two-by-two. Rachel is still crying because Erica sent home Michael, on the bright side, there are only ten of them left on the show. The competition is going to take a dramatic turn, up to his point they have played as individuals, now they will be playing as couples and voted off as couples.

The only people without partners are Nick and Rachel, so they are now a couple.

Well, here we are kiddies. Nay, not just the finale. The most disturbing finale of all time! But disturbing… Oh, disturbing is a new adjective. Whatever could that mean? Furthermore like my opening statement terminology? Take those predictions to Vegas and bet it all! Maybe just pour yourself a drink and watch the shenanigans go down with the rest of us. Tony drops to one knee. But the gasps are saved for something even bigger.

Could it be that Chris comes in with a collagen lip implant?

Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and More — Where Are the Men From Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Now?

The panel of evicted contestants are introduced — what in the heck is Jamie wearing? Blondes rarely look good with that platinum, trashy color. That nice honey color is so much better. Unfortunately, Rachel saw it as much more serious than that. She just has no idea how to be a friend, how to be a grown up, or how to have any self-awareness, self-respect or sense of shame. Even Chris Harrison looked surprised, that might have been something only Tony knew about, honestly, with the moving-in-together announcement as the clever ruse.

The poor girl walked away without the guy she fell for and without the money. What was the status of the couples in the house? I believe her, but you know Erica was just dying to get on screen as much as possible. We recapped how last time on Bachelor Pad, Michael won the money but lost the girl. We recapped his relationship with sweet, lovable Rachel. When did that happen? How did I miss that? There are so many unfortunate things about her, including that unflattering pink dress she wore, but her relationship with Ed is the worst.

But before that, we had to recap how betrayed she was because Rachel chose money over their friendship. I knew Tony loved Blakely when he actually appreciated her constant direction during that teacup stacking challenge. Soon, the conversation turned to Jamie. I wanted to know why she was dressed like Cleopatra, but they only talked about her relationship with Chris and how Jacklyn hates her.

When Chris brought the conversation back to Blakely and Tony, she started tearing up. But of course not.

Bachelor pad still dating

Jaclyn won the competition for the women and Ed for the men. When it came to choose who to go on a date with, Jaclyn choose Ed so Chris H. Jaclyn gives the rose to Chris and he takes Sarah and both Jamie and Blakely look like they could strangle her. In the end, David and Jamie went home. Chris tried to get Blakely voted off and it backfired, now Blakely is going to come at him with a vegence.

Only two weeks left of this garbage. Lets face it, the show bombed in its third season. How about putting a little more creativity into your show rather than just relying on the in house drama from characters no one really cares that much about? Here are the spoilers with my thoughts on the ending afterwards: The first hour was the from when the show taped, then the actual taping where they vote on the winner was 2 hours long.

Well, now she has more of a reason to. Tony proposed to her at the taping while she was up in the hot seat and she said yes. She is moving in with him and his son. Remember last week when I referenced the fact of would you think differently of Michael if he had girlfriend before the show that he got back together with after filming?

Michael was seeing a girl named Emily from Chicago that he met during one of his touring shows before filming started, I guess broke it off right before leaving to film assuming so he could hook up on the show , then they started back up right when filming was over. Pretty easy to figure out who it is.

Bachelor Pad Finale: Who Won?

The women on the first season were mostly from The Bachelor season The men on the first season were mostly from The Bachelorette season 5. The show may also represent “a second chance at finding love” for those rejected by previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes. The contestants live together in a mansion and take part in challenges to prevent elimination, go on dates with contestants of their choice, and choose other contestants to eliminate.

She wanted him to open up about how he felt about her, but he didn’t really know how. Emily described their relationship as a slow-and-steady process that grows better with time. They go snorkeling and have dinner that night on a beach. Sean read her a letter that he wrote for Ricki and he also told her that he was falling in love with her. Emily offered him the overnight date card to spend more time with him, but he did not stay the night as it didn’t line up with Emily’s beliefs and the example that she wanted to set for her daughter.

They also went paddle-surfing and cliff-jumping. Emily felt like they balanced each other well and Jef was comfortable with how their relationship was progressing. Emily also asks him to stay on their date for a bit longer, although they don’t spend the night together, with both of them knowing that the fantasy suite wouldn’t change a thing about their relationship.

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap/Review *Season Finale*

But coming from someone who was raised by a single mom has made it even more offensive. He may not have called Ricki by name, but every time he mentioned baggage it was in a rude, offensive way, both on the show and after. What was said after was extremely inappropriate and crossed the line. He also knew going in it was Emily.

I can already predict what’s going to go down The Bachelor Pad 3. Michael is going to fall madly in love with Lindzi Cox, but she is going to have a wondering eye with all the other eye candy there. Ed is going to be a “walking hard on” and will probably try to get with every girl in the house. I predict he has a drunken hook up with the twins, Brittany and Erica Taltos and then get the boot by his Bachelor mates, because they will be annoyed with him for “sleeping with the enemy.

That kid is one character, let me tell ya! He is recently single, but still wants to be with his ex-girlfriend so his plans going on the show were to be a good boy. I do NOT see him being a good boy throughout filming! Jamie Otis will originally like Ed, but then be more into Reid.

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RS had posted a link to it on his blog awhile back. I have not read it all because it is too long, but I read enough of it unfortunately! I don’t know how long ago this was written Imagine a trip so crazy that you don’t even spend a single night in the luxury hotel room you paid for… The Roosevelt was sexy, but I could only manage enough time there to change clothes and brush my teeth.

Lets take it from the top. I take the obnoxiously early flight out of Houston hobby and manage to land 9am. Listing to the voice in my head as I wait for by bags I convince myself the time zones had actually allowed me to time travel. Left Houston at 7 and arrive in la at 9 after a 3 hr flight… how is that not time travel?

‘Bachelor Pad’ finale: Nick Peterson and Rachel Trueheart — did they split the money?

Everyone had something to say on last night’s finale of Bachelor Pad 3. Some announcements were good, while many were downright awful. Kalon and Lindzi are still together And they happily revealed tonight that they’re “still going. This one might not have a happy ending after all.

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