Mar Del Plata – Argentina

Mar Del Plata – Argentina

Our goal is promotion of collective actions. However, we want to motivate lone wolves to discover a new side of World of Tanks — to try the game in platoons, as coordination and joint actions are the things that allow the participants of virtual battles to develop, and platoons are the most appropriate tool for this. Penalties will allow inexperienced or irresponsible players to see about the need for a balanced approach fwhen choosing vehicles before battle — vehicles of the same Tier make a platoon an effective tactical unit, which is not a burden on their team. This will allow us to make necessary improvements to the team matchmaking system. Unlike the already existing one, that forms teams depending on the queue to a battle within the server, the new system will be more focused on the equality of the opposing teams by Tier and type of vehicle. It is planned that the teams will be formed on the principle of


Game Theory 9 Donations Currently the website gets over 25, visits per day, and a server to keep up with such a demand does not come cheap! If you find the website worth it, please consider donating! You can become a Patron and set up a monthly donation at: However, peoples opinion did a complete when it was actually added to the game. Strengths Incredibly accurate, very fast-aiming gun Very high damage per minute Very small, very fast vehicle Special matchmaking Good gun depression The E at first looks a lot like a light tank.

In fact, it can only face tier 8 tanks at highest, which is often one of the main reasons people buy premium tanks to begin with.

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If you enjoyed the Stug III with the 7. So, lets have a look at it in more depth, and decide if this is a tank for you. This tank is designed to be used in a supporting role,using the guns accuracy,camouflage,and speed,to relocate around the map and provide suppression fire. The gun has a RoF of 20 round per min, and an accuracy of 0. If you prefer to play more aggressively then dropping the ventilation or rammer for one of the equipment in orange is an option.

Above in the green, is the standard equipment to take on most tanks, and that includes the E , especially if you want to make credits with the tank. It will be useless compared to other options. After that its a personal preference, I use repairs as second because getting tracked is always bad for a TD.

Above is what I recommend for a suppression set-up. It allowed the best all round engaging. If you are a expert TD player, and know how to use the camouflage perfectly, with the 15m behind bushes rules so that you wont get spotted, then dropping the repairs for the extra camouflage on the commander is a good idea. For the 3rd set on the commander I like Eagle Eye, because knowing if an opponent has a weak track, or damage modules will help the E a lot.

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Weight by Vehicle Type is generally applied as follows: Chi Nu Kai, Pz. Special Restrictions The number of the same vehicle on opposing teams cannot differ by more than 1, except when the vehicles are in a platoon. Previously, the number of SPGs in opposing teams could never differ by more than 1.

Jan 25,  · Premium Tank Preferential Match Making Chart – posted in General Discussion: Hi all, I was looking around for some premium match making stuff the other day, and I really struggled to find it. I kept getting pointed back to the chart that Alo8ight has posted that is in Russian-glyphics, and Im one of the few people that cant read Russian on this forum.

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Does the Excelsior have preferential match-making?

Vehicle Weight Once enough candidates machmaking a certain battle tier ee25 found, the matchmaker tries to form two teams from them. Will spin a story about how matchmaking e25 wot i came. Now the maps won’t be repeated two times, three times, or even more. It is wot matchmaking e25 of the best video games I have ever played and I fully wot matchmaking e25 it. Have found it pretty easy to detect when someone is the room, go to private matchmaking wot school in cary, nc and cater to many.

United States: Charlotte (Nc) Nagaoka, Japan; Cachoeiro De Itapemirim, Brazil; Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; Czestochowa, Poland.

Honestly IMO, after playing this, it isn’t as shit as I thought it would be. You have to remember that, premium tanks are NOT supposed to be as good as the normal tanks of the same tier. However, they have an advantage that usually does not compensate for the main faults of premium tanks. So, it isn’t normal for Panther M10 to sacrifice the penetration of the Panther to get extra 2 degrees of gun depression I can’t stress how good it is!!!

IMO the penetration of the PM10 right now is workable, I know it is mediocre but unless you are shooting at upper plates of tier 8 heavies, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going with a nice APCR shell that should compensate. I still like some kind of love from WG to this PM10, track traverse buffs or gun accuracy buffs would be sweet!

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Return to top World of Tanks is een game waarbij je inlogged en na het selecteren van een tank vrij snel een battle in kunt stappen. Dit is ooit begonnen met enkel de Random battles maar daar zijn later de Assault en Encounter gamemodes nog aan toegevoegd. Met de introductie van 9. Daarnaast zijn er ook nog Tank Company en Clan War battles.

Wargaming is nog van plan nieuwe gamemodes te introduceren zoals Garage battles.

WOTBB 40 – All by myself. Original date of blog: September 22nd, One of the reasons my WN7, WN8 and Star1 (useless though it might be) ratings are so low, is the fact that I platoon a lot. My platoon rate is near 80% now, and I’m actually quite proud of that. I love tooning with all the wonderful people I know in the game.

The main money makers are the tier 8 premiums; a good round in one of those can clear , credits gross; typically about , net, depending on ammo and repair costs on a premium account. You can see a great chart here that shows, over the last 30 days, the net income after accounting for repair, reammunition, and replacement of consumables used in the match of all tanks in the game as if they were played on a standard account — the chart is adjusted to account for premium bonuses etc.

Premium account holders will generally double this net income due to tank costs being fixed. If you are buying a premium tank, it’s usually a good idea to buy one that shares a nationality and type with tanks you are actively working on; for you, if you’re working the American heavy line, I would recommend the T Another good way to earn credits is to run tier tanks on a standard account; premium accounts can make money at higher tiers as well , especially ones that currently have an income bonus.

For these tiers I would suggest the M4 Sherman use the mm with HE ammunition , the PzIV likewise , the KV-1S whose damage potential outweighs its ammunition costs , the Hellcat, or any other tank at tier 5 or 6 whose playstyle matches your own. Note that tank costs are usually dominated by ammunition costs, so a tank with cheap but effective ammunition will often make more money than one that does more outright damage but has more expensive ammo. They are very useful for maximizing experience, but will destroy your net income unless used very sparingly.

Spotting damage is also very efficient since it costs you no ammunition , so running scouts if you’re good at them can be very effective at bringing in credits. All premium vehicles will receive 1. Lower tier premium tanks will earn a higher percentage bonus, although this will probably not be enough to make them better on a per-game basis than higher tier and more expensive premium tanks simply because higher tier tanks earn more XP on average.

WoT: E25 Gameplay, Retreating and Counter-attacking Tactics Review ["Road to Unicum” Epi 29]

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

E25 možná zmizí z Eshopu Na několika ruských webech, zabývajících se World of Tanks se objevila informace, že je možné, že na ruském serveru (což by se jistě později týkalo i Evropy a USA) bude z gift shopu odstraněn německý premiový stíhač tanků 7. úrovně E .

Can’t wait to get bullied by these things in my tier 6 tanks Author — Zombiblitzen lol the salty progetto in chat reported quicky for camping It doesn’t feel much like a reward to get any of these tanks. Author — “Chimera” Well it certainly looks like two different tanks stuck together. Like every once in a blue moon you might answer one or two comments You should pop in hang out with your audience a little more.

Author — mm Guns in WoT? What does it have that’s good? Author — DeanoGTO Looks like it trades too much for alpha, maybe they should give it the back it initially had or buff the gun handling more. Can see this ending up like the Stug IV, abandoned pretty quick once the novelty is gone. Author — tajj7 Hey QB, I don’t do social media so im throwing this in here because I just don’t know what to do.

Ive played wot on console for a long time, 6 years maybe 7 and ive sunk an embarrassing amount of money into it over that time. Console changed the platooning to same tier only, and this also took premium matchmaking from my vehicles like the E Im going to put what I wanted to say on the forums that i for some reason cant put.

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Hi all, I was looking around for some premium match making stuff the other day, and I really struggled to find it. I kept getting pointed back to the chart that Alo8ight has posted that is in Russian-glyphics, and I’m one of the few people that can’t read Russian on this forum. So today I took a bit of time and came up with a chart for WOT Blitz that listed out the premium tanks with special match making, and what it was.

I went for actual tiers instead of battle tiers, because that seemed a touch confusing too. So if you guys could look it over, and let me know if I made any mistakes spellnizg or incorrect information both please! Maybe even just below the Russian chart?

Hallo ich spiele wieder WOT und habe gerade nur 4er Panzer. Normalerweise spielt man ja ggn die Panzer seiner Stufe, doch bei mir kommt es öffters vor, dass ich in 6er oder 7er Stufen lande.

Ardez, on 06 December – I won’t pretend to have some great insight on the f2p business model and the profits of games like WoT and WoWS. If other projects are more profitable than TW: ARENA, they will pursue those projects instead. It is the goal of total war arena to not just make a profit, but to profit more than the same resources invested elsewhere. Ideally, to the consumer, a game makes enough money to pay for itself and continue development for that game. Ideally, to the business, a game makes enough money to pay for itself and continue development for that game as well as fund other projects, payout dividends to shareholders, and invest for stability.

The success of a project is not just determined by if it can support itself, but if it can contribute to the business as a whole.

► World of Tanks: E-25, 1 vs 6 Fight! – E-25 Gameplay

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